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11 Best Apps And Sites To Learn Programming

This article contains 10 best apps and sites to learn programming languages. Some of these apps are free,while some are paid. In this digital era,everything is now being facilitated by technology. You can enrol in a course and study online without attending any institution. All you need is :

1. A Device (Your mobile phone or computer).

2. An IDE (The software or app you can use to write codes VS code on your PC or anwriter on Android devices)

3. An Internet Connection.(For the sites)


Programming is one of the most valuable digital skills that you should learn, it’s also one of the skills you can start with zero capital and earn a huge amount of money.

Our Criteria

The criteria we used when choosing these apps and sites to learn programming are :

1. Easy To Use : These apps and sites are easy to use,they don’t require any specialized skill to operate or start learning in them.

2. Offer Free Courses : These apps and sites do offer free courses ,there are many other apps and  sites out there that’ll cost you much money before you start learning. This actually frustrates students of programming sometimes, that’s why we brought to you those that you can learn from without paying anything, you can also go for the advanced paid courses when you’re financially capable of doing so.

3. Well Explained : The way a course is being explained is also one of the things that determine how the students understand that course. These apps and sites are not only free and easy to use,their courses are also self-explanatory ,that’s to say,you can read and understand these courses yourself, without asking anyone to explain something to you.

We’ll now start listing the best learning apps and sites to learn programming, and explain how to enrol or sign up for these apps and sites,though not all of these apps and sites require you to sing up before you start learning.

Let’s start with the sites .

1. W3 Schools.

1st in 5 Apps And Sites To Learn Programming (Sites)

W3 Schools is one of the most popular websites that offer free courses on web development, artificial intelligence and other programming languages and computer science courses.

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They have an online IDE where you can run your codes to see the output.This simple to use online IDE is one of the greatest features that make W3 Schools the best website for learning programming.

W3 Schools also have an app through which you can learn their courses without using a browser.

W3 Schools focuses on teaching web development primarily, it also suggests that a new programmer start with learning the markup language,HTML.

The official website of W3 Schools is w3schools.com. They teach these programming and web development languages for free :



3. JavaScript

4. Python

5. SQL

6. PHP

7. Jquery

8. Java

9. C++

10. XML

Not only programming, W3 Schools also have free courses for artificial intelligence, data science and cyber security. The only thing you’d have yo pay for is your certification,but everything is free concerning the basics, advanced courses are paid  .

Signing Up For W3 Schools

You can sign up for W3 Schools by visiting the Registration Page. Follow the onscreen instructions to sign up for W3 Schools.

You can also download their app from Play Store.

2. Replit

2nd In 5 Apps And Sites To Learn Programming (Sites)

Replit is another great website for students of programming to learn,share codes with other programmers, get source codes and use Replit’s server to run their programs for free. Replit’s server allows you to run all the programming languages and see their output.

You should sign up for replit to start using the services it provides, the basics are free. By default all your programs on the platform are public,unless made private by upgrading to premium.

3. Github

3rd in 5 Apps To Learn Programming (Sites)

Github is also a great website for programmers and web developers,it’s main feature is sharing codes by uploading or downloading a source code. Programmers use this website frequently, especially those who teach programming on YouTube, they’ll drop the link to their Github page so you can download the sorce code from there.

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4. Geeks For Geeks

4th in 5 Apps And Sites To Learn Programming (Sites)

Geeks for Geeks is also a website that posts programming tutorials and tricks.They also post free source codes that you can learn from or even copy and modify it. To visit the website simply click here .

5. PDF Drive

5th In Apps And Sites To Learn Programming (Sites)

PDF drive as the name implies is the most popular website when it comes to downloading free PDF files on all subjects and topics. PDF drive has a special part for computer science students to download PDFs on programming, cyber security, software development and so forth. To access this website,rather the tech part in the website ,simple click this link .

6. Codecademy

6th In Apps An Sites To Learn Programming

This is also a very useful website that you can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java and other programming languages. You’ve to sign up with your email address and a password.

Pro Tip

When using your email address to sign up for these courses,make sure you read our guide on how to secure your Gmail account here.

Now that you’ve learned about the best sites among the apps and sites to learn programming,let’s move to the apps .

These are the apps that are the best when it comes to learning programming for free and in an easy method.

7. Learn HTML By Codeliber

7nth in Apps And Sites To Learn Programming (Apps)

Apps And Sites To Learn Programming

Codeliber is a company that creates apps for learning programming and web development in a well explained method with numerous examples and an inbuilt IDE for running your HTML codes.Another reason why Codeliber apps are best is because they work offline.

You can download the app from the Google Playstore, but for best results, just use the keywords ‘ Learn HTML By Codeliber ‘ ,the app will be among the first ones in the results page. Tap it to download and install it.

8. Learn CSS By Codeliber

8th In Apps And Sites To Learn Programming (Apps)

Apps And Sites To Learn Programming

This is also Codeliber’s app,it’s one if the best apps to learn CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), which is used for designing webpages and making them mobile friendly.

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Learn CSS By Codeliber is the best app in learning CSS because :

  • It has numerous examples.
  • It has a colour picker that many apps lack. With this colour picker you can easily find the colour you’re looking for without searching for its hex code on Google.

To download and install the app, just type ‘Learn CSS by Codeliber ‘ in your play store, you’ll see it.

9. Learn JavaScript By Codeliber

9th in Apps And Sites To Learn Programming.

Apps And Sites To Learn Programming

JavaScript is where the real programming begins in web development after learning the markup language (HTML) and the styling (CSS). JavaScript is a programming language used for making your website responsive to the visitors and changing the pages content dynamically.

You can download the app in play store, just use the keyword ‘ Learn JavaScript by Codeliber’.

10. Anwriter

10th in Apps And Sites To Learn Programming (Apps)

Apps And Sites To Learn Programming

Anwriter is not used for learning coding or programming, it’s used to edit html codes and run them within the app..

You can also find it in the play store, just type ‘ Anwriter ‘.

11. Pydroid 3 And VS code.

11th in Apps And Sites To Learn Programming (Apps)

Apps And Sites To Learn Programming

Pydroid 3 is an excellent app you can use to run python codes in your Android phone, it’s easy to use and 100% free. It helps you know why a certain code won’t run,it also works offline.Install it from play store.


VS code is one of the most used applications by programmers on computer, now you can use VS code even on your Android device.It works offline and also allows you to run your codes.You can find this app in play store.VS Code also has another great functionality, because you can use it to unzip or open a zip file you downloaded.


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