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3 Profitable Digital Skills You Should Learn

Digital Skills are those skills that have to do with your computer or technology literacy. In this article you’ll learn of 3 profitable digital skills you should learn.

I’ll walk you through these steps to understand the article properly:

  1. What Are Digital Skills ?
  2. Why Is It Important To Learn A Digital Skill?
  3. A List Of Profitable Digital Skills You Should Learn.

1. What Are Digital Skills?

Digital skills,also known as technology skills,are those skills that are based on your computer literacy,your knowledge of technology and how to use technology to perform different tasks.

An example of a simple digital skill is : how to send an email . Yes ,how to send an email is a digital skill,but a simple one.

Another example of a digital skill is how to write a computer program using one or more programming languages. Those people who write programs are called programmers. This is also an example of a digital skill, but a more complex one.

You now have basic knowledge about what’s a digital skill,let’s see some reasons why it is important to learn a digital skill.

2. Why Is It Important To Learn A Digital Skill ?

To give a short answer to this question I’d say ” because we are in the 21st century ” .  In this era of technology you should consider learning a digital skill for a number of reasons which will be stated now:

1. You Can Work Remotely

Whenever you get a job where you’re to use one or more of your digital skills, you can work remotely. That’s to say you can work from home without physically attending the workplace.

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For example, say you stay in the United States, someone may hire you from Canada to work remotely for them or their company. A simple example of this is a programmer, many programmers work remotely nowadays.

2. Opportunities

There are many job opportunities for those who have digital skills.

Suppose a business owner want to have a website for their business, they’ll at least need a web developer to create and design the website,an SEO expert to take care of the search engine optimization of the website,and a content writer to write the contents of the website.

We mentioned three profitable digital skills in this example, web development, SEO and content writing. Those jobs aren’t only ordinary jobs, but high paying jobs. We’ll discuss about their salaries later in the article.

3. A List Of Profitable Digital Skills You Should Learn.

As I explained earlier, your ability to send an email may be counted as one of your digital skills, that’s why I’m not going to mention all the digital skills here,but the profitable digital skills.

There are many profitable digital skills out there, but these are the most important skills that are in demand now , and may even be in higher demand in the future.

1. Programming.

Profitable Digital Skills

This is one of the best profitable digital skills you should consider learning in this 21st century.

Programming can be broadly defined as a process of writing computer programs using one or more programming languages. Those who write computer programs are called programmers.

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Programmers are being paid high salaries ,one of the highest of programmers is $50 per hour.

Programming has lots of different branches , viz. :

1. Web Development And Design

Web development and design is a branch of programming that deals with programming or coding a website and designing it. Examples of these websites created by web developers include : Facebook , Twitter etc.

There are two types of web developers :

  • Frontend Developers : Those are programmers that take care of the design of the website.
  • Backend Developers : Those are programmers who manage the main codes and functions of different parts of the website.
2. Mobile App Development

These programmers develop mobile apps that we use everyday on our mobile phones. They develop apps for Android, iOS and all other platforms.

3. Software Engineering

Software engineering or software development is a branch of programming in which the programmer applies his software development skills to create and manage computer software.


Programmers are in high demand nowadays, specially web developers. There are approximately 252 thousand websites that are created everyday. And every single website needs at least one web developer.

Have a look at our guide on best sites and apps to learn programming.

2. Web Content Writing

Profitable Digital Skills

Web content writing is a profession in which the content writer write contents for websites and get paid. Content writers are also in high demand nowadays, almost all sites that need programmers, need content writers in the same way.

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Content writers are also being paid high salaries, one of the highest salaries of content writers in the United States is $22.64 per hour .

Web content writing is also among the profitable digital skills you should learn. Content writers are in high demand, as per as there are businesses that would like to hire someone to write for their websites, content writers will always be in demand.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Profitable Digital Skills

Technology made everything easier today,instead of going around and looking for someone to buy something from for example,people use search engines. Businesses now sell goods and services through search engines,that’s why SEO is important.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of making webpages search engine friendly and making them rank them rank higher in search engine results page (SERP).

An SEO expert or SEO specialist is a person who mastered SEO.

SEO specialists are in  high demand as well,as business owners would like their webpages to rank higher than their competitors’.

SEO specialists are paid high salaries, one of the highest salaries of SEO experts is $21 per hour.


Another good news for you, did you know you can learn these digital skills for free ? Have a look st these 5 free sites to learn digital skills.


I hope you’ll choose one or two among these skills and learn,have you any questions concerning this article? Kindly ask in the comments.

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