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5 Signs of virus on a smartphone and how to stop it.

Virus is an invisible smartphone disease that is capable of damaging the phone and also destroy the files and documents that are being kept in the smartphone. I this post we will be looking at the 5 Signs of virus on a smartphone and also how yo to easily stop it. After reading this content to the end and you discovered that any of these signs are on your device either android or iphone. Follow the steps I will be giving you to eliminate the virus from your phone before it damage the whole files. In order not to spend a lot of your precious time In this section, let’s proceed to our topic. 

  • What are the causes of virus on a smartphone 

You might be wondering how virus is transmitted from one android or iphone to another. Don’t be surprised, there are many ways in which smartphones contact virus nowadays. Lets briefly look at some of the causes of virus on a smartphone.

  1. Downloading of videos, file or musics from unsecured site

It is very easy and possible for a smartphone to contact virus through a files, music and videos you used the phone to download from the internet. It is not all the videos, musics and applications that are been uploaded to the internet are safe. If the device that the  person who uploaded the files to the internet is affected by a virus, your phone will automatically contact the virus if you download the infected files that had been uploaded on the internet. 

  1. Sharing of files on WhatsApp groups and email
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Your device is also capable of contacting virus from Whatsapp, telegram and Facebook groups. If an infected files or documents are been posted to the group and you donwloaded it to your device or your computer, there is a great possibility for your system to be affected by the virus. 

  1. Infected SD/memory card 

In this case, if the SD card you insert on your device has been used on another phone that is affected by a virus. Your phone might contact the same virus through the memory or SD card.

Your device can also contact virus through sharing of files either through the using of Bluetooth or Xender or flashshare. There are many ways to contact virus but I just mentioned few out of them. 

Now we will be looking at the 5 Signs of virus on a smartphone and how to stop it immediately.

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5 Signs of virus on a smartphone 

  1. Duplicating of files 

Imagine if you download a single file on your smartphone and suddenly, it changes from one file to seven files. If you experienced such symptoms on your mobile phone, then you should know that it is likely to be affected by a virus.

  1. Overheating 

The normal temperature of a smartphone should be from 20-35° but if you are noticing that your phone temperature is increasing to 50° or 60°. That is to say that the phone has contacted a virus. That is the second symptoms of virus on a smartphone.

  1. Unwanted Pop-ups

 If your mobile data is not switched on and you didn’t open any website or apps and you are seeing Pop-ups like advertisments on your device, that means that it have being affected by a virus. You should try all you can to eliminate the virus from the device.

  1. Sending unwanted messages

If you didn’t type any message and you noticed that your phone is sending messages to your contacts without your notice, then you need to scan your device to know if it is being affected by one virus or the other.

  1. Phone running too slow
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If your device runs so fast before and you noticed that it is running too slow like never before and you have enough storage on the phone. Then it is being affected by a virus. Running too slow of a smartphone sometimes is as a results of low storage, but if you have enough space on your device and it is still running too slow, then that’s the symptoms of virus.

How to stop your device from being affected by a virus 

  1. Downloading of files from a trustworthy websites
  2. Using of antivirus
  3. Avoid Sharing of files from a smartphone without antivirus
  4. Switch off the Bluetooth if not in use.

Those are the four possible ways of preventing your smartphone from being affected by a virus.

In conclusion

For your device to be free from viruses, you need to download any strong antivirus app from a trustworthy website and install it on your device. Also stop opening any files or images sent to you from someone who you do not know or a files from Whatsapp or any social media groups. 

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