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6 Unsafe places you shouldn’t keep your phone

Did you know that it is not everyplaces that is safe for keeping your phone? In this post I will be sharing with you some of the unsafe places that you should not keep your smartphones. So, in order not to spend a lot of time in this section, let’s furge ahead.

6 Unsafe places you shouldn’t keep your phone 

  1. Wet environment

It is not advisable to keep a smartphone on a place or surface that is wet. If your mobile phone doesn’t have waterproof, then you shouldn’t keep it on a wet surface. If you kept it on a surface that is not dried, water might penetrate inside your phone and cause damage to the phone panel. I know of my friend who put his phone on a wet surface for it’s temperature to reduce simply because the phone is so hot. The temperature of the phone is so high and he decided to pour water on the ground and positioned his phone on the wet place. In less than 20 minutes, he discovered that his phone turned itself off. He tried to switch on the phone and the phone fails to on. He explained everythings to me and I laughed, I shewed him what to do and after he does that, the phone start functioning again, and he learnt a very good lesson from that.

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So, wet surface is not safe for keeping of smartphone and any electronics.

  1. Restaurants table 

Restaurants are places or building in which people comes to eat and also to rest. Many people from different locations comes to the restaurant everyday, if you keep your phone in such place, it might be lost. There was a time I went to a restaurant with  one of my friend, after we had enjoyed ourselves, my friend forgot his phone at the restaurant and we went away without him noticing that he left his phone there. When we came to our compound, he shouted “my phone!!”. I replied “what happened to your phone?” And he said that he left the phone at the restaurant and we rushed to the restaurant and we couldn’t find the phone anymore, so that was how the phone lost. If you went to anywhere that involves social gathering, do not drop your smartphone in such places.

  1. On the floor 
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It is very bad to keep a smartphone on the floor, if you keep your smartphones on the floor, someone might match the phone by mistake and automatically, the screen of such phone will be broken. So floor is one of the unsafe place to keep a smartphone.

  1. Kitchen 

Kitchen is unsafe to keep a smartphone. Especially those kitchens that has gas cooker. It is very dangerous to keep a smartphone beside a gas cooker. It will sometimes results to explosion of the gas cooker or gas filler. So it is one of the unsafe place that you shouldn’t keep your smartphones.

  1. Back pocket 

Back pocket of your trouser is unsafe to keep a smartphone. If a smartphone is been kept on a back pocket of a trouser, the persons wearing the trouser might sat on the phone and it will break the phone screen. So ,back pocket is not a safe place to keep your smartphones, you can either put it in the front or side pockets of your trouser.

  1. Hot surfaces 
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If you keep your smartphone on a very hot surface, there is a great chance for the phone’s back cover to melt. It is also not advisable to keep a smartphone on a sun or any hot environment. It will lead to the damage of the phone’s screen. So, hot surface is one of the unsafe place that you should keep your smartphones.

In conclusion 

If you didn’t keep your smartphone in a place I mentioned in this post, you will find out that your phone will last longer. If you have any question concern this topic, feel free to drop your comment. You can also check for my other post on things to consider before buying a smartphone in 2022, I believe that also will be helpful.

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