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7 ways to make your phone battery last longer in 2022

You might be wondering why your phone battery is running down like water. These issue is mostly common in android devices and also in iphone. Imagine if you charged your mobile phone battery and suddenly it runs down without you using the phone. It happens to me most time. There is a time that I changed my phone 100% without using the phone. When I double click the phone I discovered that the percentage of the battery has reduced without me using the phone. It surprised be because I haven’t experienced such issue before, I carry out many researches till I got to know what the problem is and I fixed it. In this post I will be showing you exactly how I fixed the high speed drainage in my phone’s battery. I will be showing you 7 best ways to stop your phone from draining your battery so fast. So let get started.

7 ways to make your phone battery last longer in 2022 

  1. Uplug your phone when fully charged. This is the most common mistake did by smartphone users nowadays. If your phone is fully charged and you leave it plug, it may affect your phone battery. I remember, there was a day that my phone is fully charged and I still leave it plugged thinking that it will increase the strength of the battery and will make it to last longer which is not so. I kept doing that till one faithful day I discovered that my phone battery is not as strong as it was before. So, in order to make your battery last longer, unplug it immediately if it fully charged. In some Nokia device, once your phone is fully charged, they will ask you to unplug the phone from the socket. That the right thing that everyone is expected to do in order to make his or her phone battery last longer.
  1. Avoid using your phone while charging When you plugged your phone, allow it to charge and when it is fully charged, then unplug it and start using it if you wish. It is very risk to be using your phone either to watch videos, play music, play games or using it online while it is still in the charging mode. It may lead to explosion of the mobile phone. It also weakened the cells of your phone battery. So in order to make the battery last longer like never before, stop using it while charging. If possible, you can switch it off while charging, that will helps a lot in making your phone battery last longer.
  1. Keep your phone battery from running down to 0%.To prolong your mobile  phone battery, you are expected to stop using the phone or plug it once it reaches 15%. Keeping your phone battery to runs down completely will damage the cells and thereby making your phone battery not to last longer as it was when purchased. You can at least switch off the phone once it is 4% or 5% to prolong the battery usage. Once upon the time, I was using my phone even if it is 1%. And even if the phone shut down, I still turn it on back and latter run, I discovered that my phone begans to shut down even if it is 30%. I went to the repairing center and change the battery. That thought me a lot of lessons. So, to keep your battery last longer, avoid running down the battery completely.
  1. Install and enable power saver For your phone battery to last longer, you need to always turn on the power saver while using the phone. Some android devices has it’s power saver. In a case that your phone doesn’t have power saver, go to Google play store and download and install the power saver app and enable it to keep your phone battery last longer. Also remember to switch off the power saver while charging the phone. Don’t keep the power saver on when your phone is plugged.
  1. Turning off wifi, Bluetooth and mobile data when not in used,Bluetooth, wifi and mobile data do consume a lot of battery if they are switch on. In order to save your phone battery, you should turn then off if not in use. In some phone, when the mobile data is on, the battery percentage will be decreasing each 2 minutes. If you are having such issue, you switched off the mobile data and that will make your phone battery last longer.
  1. Reduce the brightness of your phone. If your mobile phone screen is so bright, it will lead to higher battery consumption rate. To reduce the unnecessary consumption of your battery, then reduce the brightness. As of me, I set my phone brightness to automatic. The screen light will reduce when the brightness of the location am staying is low. And will increase if I am in a very bright environment. You can also set yours to reduce the excessive consumption of your device battery.
  1. Switch on battery optimization mode on your device
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This will helps a lot in stopping the background running app that drains battery. When you turn on this mode, no matter how many applications you installed on your device, your battery life will be as longer as it was. To switch this on. Kindly follow these steps.

  1. Go to your device settings
  2. Tap on advance settings
  3. Click on battery optimization
  4. Switch it on. 

That’s all about how to turn it on and make your phone battery last longer.

In conclusion

These methods is also applicable in computers. It is not just for mobile phones. You can also follow those steps carefully on your laptop or palmtop computer. If you doesn’t have power saver on your device or your computer, install it now. It will helps in make its battery last longer and more enjoyable like never before. If you have any question, feel free to drop your comment below for further assistance.

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