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8 Steps To Download And Set Up NIMC App

This guide will walk you through 8 steps to download and set up NIMC App, the Nigeria’s Digital ID App. Nigeria in its effort to provide a digital ID for its citizens created this app.

Not only Nigeria use the e-ID or electronic/digital ID, some countries have already being using it,like Estonia. Estonia’s digital ID can be accessed by any Estonia’s citizen from anywhere.

NIMC App is an Android application created by the National Identification Management Commission also known by its acronym NIMC. The main purpose of creating the app was to answer the Nigerians’ request for a digital national identification card , and the NIMC responded.

NIMC is the commission that operates and regulates national identity matters in Nigeria under the leadership of Aliyu Aziz Abubakar who is currently the DG ( Director General ) of the commission.

They don’t only regulate the physical national IDs ,they also created an Android application that’ll serve as your Digital ID. You can find the App in the Google Playstore.As the commission said,from now on,you can easily use your digital ID to enrol for all government e-services.


Pro Tip

Don’t download any modified version of the app because it might contain malicious code that’ll harm your device. Whenever you want to download an app,not only the NIMC App, go to Play Store in your Android device and search for the app using the search bar or go to the App’s website and download it from there. The most trusted sources of any app you want to download are Google Playstore and the app’s website, if there’s any.

We’ll use the Google Playstore in this guide,to downland and install the NIMC App. All apps downloaded from Play Store are automatically installed when the download is done.

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1. NIMC App Download

First in 8 steps to download and set up NIMC App.


The first step is to go to your phone’s Play Store and use the search bar to search for the app,use the keywords ‘ NIMC ‘. It’ll be the first to app to appear in the results page with the name ‘ MWS:NIMC MobileID ‘ ,tap it download and install it.Heads up,you may see another NIMC App by the name of ‘ MWS:NIMC Enterprise ‘ in the play store, don’t download it it’s not the app this guide talks about,it’s for business owners.

2. Introductory Part

Second in 8 steps to download and set up NIMC App.


Now open the app,you’ll see an introduction on what’s the app for and how to use it. You’ve two options ,either to read the intro or to tap the’ skip intro ‘ link at the top of the page.


3. Provide Your NIN number.

3rd in 8 steps to download and set up NIMC App.

After reading or skipping the intro, you’ll now provide your National Identification Number (NIN) .You can find your NIN on your NIMC slip.If you can’t access your NIN slip,dial *346# on the phone number you registered with during the enrolment,you’ll be charged a fee of 4.00 naira. Heads up, your NIN number is 11 digits long,so make sure you’ve entered all the eleven digits correctly.


4. NIMC Terms Of Service.

4th in 8 steps to download and set up NIMC App.


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You’ll now be asked to read the NIMC terms of use and agree with them. Read them and tap I accept terms to continue.


5. Confirmation

5th in 8 steps to download and set up NIMC App.


They’ll show you the phone number you used when registering for national identity card,if you still you that number tap ‘ I still use this number ‘ . If you’ve lost the sim card you’ll have to go to the nearest NIMC centre and update your phone number,the fee is usually 1000 naira.
If you’ve updated your phone number,tap ‘ I no longer use this number ‘ link ,you’ll be asked to input the number you currently use.


6. An OTP Will Be Sent To You.

6th in 8 steps to download and set up NIMC App.

They’ll now send a one time password ( also known as OTP ) to your phone number,enter the exact code sent to the phone to continue.

How can I use NIMC App if I lost my phone number?

If you can’t access your phone number or have any issue on receiving the OTP,you can bypass the OTP step by following these steps:
1. Dial *346*2*NIN# .
2. A service fee of 20 naira will be deducted the sim card.
3. A new page will open with your NIN and your OTP .
4. Simply take that OTP and use it to proceed in your NIMC app setup.

NIMC use this OTP method to avoid any misuse on one’s NIN number,so they do this to verify whether you’re the real owner of the NIN you entered or not.

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7. Congratulations

7th in 8 steps to download and set up NIMC App.

If you entered everything correctly, you’ll see a message that tells you that everything is successful, you’ll now proceed to PIN step.


8. Choose A 6 Digit PIN.

Final in 8 steps to download and set up NIMC App.

Carefully choose a 6 digit PIN that you can easily remember and proceed .


Features of the NIMC App


Download And Set Up NIMC App

1.It is ultimately free.If you find any premium version of the app,don’t pay for it,the official version of the app is free.

2.The App doesn’t allow screenshots. This is also to prevent any misuse even by the owner of the ID. Many apps like Google Authenticator also don’t allow screenshots.

3. It requires internet connection.You can’t proceed to using the digital ID if your phone is offline.
4. You can see your digital ID. If you want to see your digital ID simply tap show my ID in the Homepage,you’ll now see your ID back and front , basic and full versions.
5.You can also print your digital ID by tapping print NIN slip in the app’s Menu
6.You can link other phone numbers to your NIN. Within the apps Menu you’ll find ‘ Linked Numbers ‘ option,tap it.You can now link IP to 28 phone numbers to your NIN by tapping the + sign.

Now you’ve successfully downloaded and set up your NIMC App for your digital national identification,have you any questions or issues using the app? Kindly ask in the comments section.

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