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Apply For Burger King Scholarship 2022/2023 In United States

Burger King Scholarship 2022/2023 application form is out, would you like to apply for Burger King Scholarship 2022/2023 session? Read this guide.

Burger King Scholarship 2022/2023 is a scholarship for students in USA, Canada and Puerto Rico . Only those applicants from United States, Canada and Puerto Rico would be considered eligible for the scholarship award.

About Burger King Scholarship 2022/2023

Burger King Scholarship also known as Burger’s King Scholars Program is a scholarship program that awards scholarship to eligible students ,students employees of Burger King and their families in the United States , Canada and Puerto Rico .

It has awarded more than $20 million scholarship awards to different eligible students since its creation in 1998.Those applicants who are eligible for Burger King Scholarship 2022/2023 session ,and are selected to receive the scholarship award would receive an award ranging from $1000 to $50,000.

As any other scholarship, Burger King would like to help academically excellent students to improve their studies by giving them financial support. Although , Burger King Scholarship isn’t the same as other scholarship programs when it comes to considering

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It’s a good idea to apply for multiple scholarships ,also apply for British Chevening Scholarship 2023.If you decided to apply for British Chevening Scholarship ,that’s one of the best things you’d do. Specially for those who couldn’t apply for Burger King Scholarship 2022/2023 because they aren’t citizens of US,Canada or Puerto Rico.

Another additional scholarship you should apply for is Kazakhstan Government Scholarships 2022 Fully Funded .

Scholarship : Burger King Scholarship 2022/2023 or Burger King Scholars Program 2022/2023.

Applicants Nationality : United States, Canada and Puerto Rico citizens would be considered eligible, as explained earlier .

Financial Benefits : Selected applicants would receive a scholarship award ranging from $1000 to $50,000 .

Applicants Academic Level : College Students .

Deadline : All applicants must submit their application forms before 15th December 2022 .

Note : Be among the first 50,000 applicants for Burger King Scholarship 2022/2023 ,because they’d consider only the first fifty thousand applicants (50,000) ,so don’t delay your application.

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Eligibility For Applying Burger King Scholarship 2022/2023

This is not an international scholarship,it’s a scholarship for only those who live in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Since this scholarship is restricted to three regions, this would increase the chances of winning the scholarship award.

These are the requirements for applying Burger King Scholarship 2022/2023 :

  • Applicants must be from the stated regions ,that’s to say US,Canada and Puerto Rico. All applicants that are not from these regions won’t be considered eligible.
  • Applicants must be students graduating from high senior schools ( this applies for United States and Puerto Rico applicants ) graduating from grade 12 (for Canada applicants) or graduating from home school education in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.
  • Applicants must have a cumulative high school grade point of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale or equivalent scales .
  • Applicants must plan to enrol full-time ,without interruption, for the entire 2022/2023 academic year at an accredited two year or four year college  ,university or vocational technical school or CEGEP or some equivalent institutions in the United States, Puerto Rico , Guam or Canada.
  • Applicants must process their application in either English, French or Spanish language. Any applicant who fails to meet this requirement ,their application won’t be processed let alone selected.
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Burger King Scholarship 2022/2023 Application Procedure

You’ll have to follow these steps to apply for Burger King Scholarship 2022/2023 :

  • You’ll have to create an account on the Burger King Scholarship Website . Tap this link to create the account.
  • After you’ve registered an account ,you can fill the online application form.
  • Applicants have to upload their work experiences,and involvement in school and community activities.
  • Applicants should upload their current official or unofficial transcript of grades .
  • If possible ,applicants should also provide their parents financial information or status .

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