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Apply For Victoria International Scholarship 2023

Would you like to study in New Zealand ? Apply for Victoria International Scholarship 2023 session, it is an international scholarship so anyone from any can apply.

The country the applicants come from doesn’t matter , neither an applicant’s nationality will be a requirement before they are  considered eligible for Victoria International Scholarship 2023.

Not only this scholarship allows all students from all parts of the world to apply,below are other fully funded scholarship you should consider applying for . You may ask , “Why should I apply for different scholarships at the same time ? ” ,well,applying for different scholarships at the same time is never a bad decision. If you were not selected in one scholarship,you may be selected in  the other.

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Quick Facts About Victoria International Scholarship 2023

Victoria International scholarship 2023

Those who are selected to receive the scholarship award will study in Victoria University Of Wellington in New Zealand. This university is well known in its academic excellence because the teachers are friendly and teach students very well . As all other scholarships.the main aim of Victoria International Scholarship is to help academically excellent students to become better and aid them financially.

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Back to our business, these are quick facts you should know about Victoria International Scholarship 2023 session.

  • Scholarship : Victoria International Scholarship 2023.
  • Benefit : Tuition fee .
  • Country : New Zealand
  • Institution (s) : Victoria University Of Wellington.
  • Applicants Nationality : International students
  • Level Of Study : Postgraduates ( Masters and PhD, this scholarship is not for undergraduates)
  • Deadline : All applications should be completed and submitted before 30th November 2022 by 4:30 pm (New Zealand Time Zone)

Eligibility For Victoria International Scholarship

All applicants should know the eligibility for any scholarship before they apply for it. These are the some conditions that applicants must meet before they are selected for the scholarship.

  • Applicants must be those students who pay full fees in their universities.
  • Applicant must also be among those students who are entering their first year of undergraduate degrees or entering a postgraduate degrees .
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The abovementioned conditions are the eligibility criteria for Victoria International Scholarship. So all applicants must meet them .

Below are ineligibility conditions, that’s to say all applicants who meet these conditions (below) would be considered ineligible for the scholarship.

  • Applicants who completed their secondary education in any institution in New Zealand .
  • Applicants who are in their second year if study in the same degree program at Victoria University Of Wellington.
  • Applicants who completed the EAP (English for Academic Purposes) or Foundation Studies Programme will also be considered ineligible for the scholarship.

Requirements For Victoria International Scholarship

The following are requirements for the scholarship that all applicants must be aware of.

  • Academic Excellence :This scholarship will be awarded competitively according to applicants’ level of academic excellence. So academically excellent students will be considers first .
  • A personal statement by the applicant must be submitted when applying for the scholarship online , they must tell why they wish to study in Victoria University Of Wellington and ,their academic goal and why they merit the scholarship. They should also include any leadership positions and details of their involvement in school or community activities. The statement must be 500 words at least .
  • Applicants are expected to provide their full transcripts and other documentations relevant to the qualification type.
  • A conditional or unconditional offer of place from Victoria University Of Wellington should also be provided by the applicants during their online application process .
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Application Procedure For Victoria International Scholarship

  • All eligible applicants must complete and submit their application before the deadline,that’s 30th November 2022 by 4:30pm (New Zealand Time Zone) .
  • Applicants should submit their applications using the link below.

Apply For Victoria International Scholarship 2023

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