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British Fully Funded Chevening Scholarship 2023

All international students are eligible to apply for British Fully Funded Chevening Scholarship 2023 session. If you want to apply for Fully Funded Chevening Scholarship 2023 read this guide.

Chevening Scholarship 2023 is an international scholarship in the United Kingdom. The main aim of this scholarship,as any other international and national scholarship, is to grant the academically excellent students scholarship so they study in top universities and high schools to become leaders of tomorrow.

Read this guide to know all about the scholarship ,how to apply , deadline , institutions and all related information about the Fully Funded Chevening Scholarship 2023.

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About Fully Funded Chevening Scholarship 2023

Chevening Scholarship 2023 is a scholarship in which students who’re eligible for the scholarship will study in the United Kingdom’s top and best universities . United Kingdom universities and higher institutions are among the best ones in the world. This is being done by the United Kingdom government to help academically excellent students pursue their masters degree in the UK.

  • Scholarship : Fully Funded Chevening Scholarship 2023.
  • Benefits : The Chevening Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship, that’s to say your flight ,course and accommodation fees are to be paid by the UK government. This is because they want those students to focus on their studies because they don’t have to be distracted by any other thought .
  • Programs : Masters Degree. All eligible applicants will live and study for a year in the UK. This fully funded scholarship will facilitate postgraduate students to undertake any Masters course at any UK university.
  • Aim : To help intelligent students to study and develop themselves academically in the UK,so after they finished their Masters degree,they’ll leave well equipped with knowledge and skills so they can bring their own ideas to life. They’d also want students to live in the UK and experience its culture and build relationships with people.
  • Deadline : All applications for the scholarship must be submitted before 1st November 2022  .
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Applicants Eligibility For Chevening Scholarship 2023.

Though Chevening Scholarship said there’s nothing like ‘ typical ‘ applicant for the scholarship, anyone can apply ,but there are certain criteria that have to be met before the applicant is selected for the scholarship award.

Nationality : All applicants from every part of the world can apply for Chevening 2023 scholarship ,but there are selected countries in which this scholarship is available, we’ll discuss that in detail in the application procedure part of the article. Chevening said where applicants come from doesn’t matter ,it’s where they head to that counts.

Academic Level : As stated earlier, this scholarship is for those who would pursue a Masters degree – not a bachelor degree. It is for postgraduates.

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Age / Gender : Chevening Scholarship doesn’t consider how old you’re,or what gender are you. These two things matter not in their selection procedure.

Documents : Applicants are required to provide all their academic credentials including their researches.

English Proficiency : This is also among the requirements , not only Chevening but almost all international scholarships require applicants to have English proficiency so they can communicate effectively and understand their desired courses excellently.

Work Experience For Chevening Scholarship 2023

Chevening Scholarship 2023


This is one of the compulsory requirements for Chevening Scholarship 2023 ,that’s why we decided to explain it particularly. This scholarship requires that applicants have at least 2 years of work experience,otherwise an applicant can’t submit their application.

Eligible work experience for Chevening Scholarship can include :

  • Part-time employment
  • Full-time employment
  • Voluntary work
  • Paid or unpaid internships

The minimum work experience that all applicants must have is 2,800 hours ,that’s 2 years work experience.

Application Procedure For Chevening Scholarship 2023

All eligible applicant should follow these application procedure to successfully apply for the scholarship.

Before that,below is a picture containing the list of countries Chevening Scholarship is available. Check it out and find out whether yours is in the list or not.

Chevening Scholarship 2023

If you can find your country in this picture, you’re good to go.

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Simply visit Chevening’s official site by tapping the link below .

Apply For Chevening Scholarship 2023 Here 


Chevening Scholarship 2023

You’ll first be asked to choose your country in the menu,then choose the award you’d like to have,either fellowship or scholarship.

You’ll be redirected to a new page which confirms whether Chevening Scholarship is available in your country or not. If it’s available follow the onscreen instructions to complete your application.

Some Tips When Choosing Your Course

Chevening Scholarship suggested that you to choose 3 different but related courses,whether at the same or different universities in the UK. When you chose up to three courses,even if you can’t get admitted into one of the universities you applied for, you have other options,that’s why the said you should choose ‘ three ‘.

Applicants can use the Chevening Find A Course page on the website to help themselves in finding eligible courses. An example of using the find a course page is below.

Chevening Scholarship 2023

Quick facts about what courses Chevening Consider Eligible :

Masters Degree programs only .

All the courses and universities you choose must be in the UK .

Full time courses not part time .

Duration of the course mustn’t be longer or shorter than 12 months .

Have any questions? Kindly ask in the comments section.

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