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How To Create A Blog For Free On Blogger(3 Steps)

Do you want to create a blog but don’t know where to start from? Or you don’t have money for hosting and buying a custom domain for the blog ? If these are what prevent you from creating a blog then you don’t have to worry anymore. You’ll learn how to create a blog for free on Google platform known as Blogger in this article.

We’ll walk you through these steps to properly understand the topic :

  • What’s a blog?
  • Benefits of having a blog.
  • What’s Google Blogger ?
  • How do I create a blog on Google Blogger for free?

What’s A Blog ?

Before we talk about how to create a blog for free, let’s know what’s a blog.

A blog is short form of the word “weblog” which simply means a regularly updated website that’s being controlled by a blogger. Blogger simply means a person who owns a blog ,two or more.

A blog’s posts are normally displayed in a chronological order,so the most recent ones appear first.

The main differences between a blog and a website are :

  • A blog’s content is normally written in an informal and conversational style .
  • A website content is usually written in a formal style.
  • A blog should be regularly updated with blog posts.A blogger or their content writer may update the website everyday with 3 or more new content/posts.
  • A website may not be regularly updated.It’s normal if a website is updated once a month.
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Benefits Of Having A Blog.

There are many benefits of having a blog,let’s mention some here :

  • If you’re a business owner,you’ll use your blog to reach thousands of people who will possibly buy your goods or services.
  • If you want to improve your writing skills create a blog.On your blog,you’ll be constantly writing blog posts each day.As you write more posts your writing skills are improved.
  • It’ll make you to constantly research on what you want to publish as a post,you’ll become a researcher.


What’s Google Blogger?

Google Blogger is a free blogging platform that you can use to create your blog without spending any amount of money for hosting or buying a custom domain domain. It’s also known as Blogspot.It’s one of the most popular blogging platforms.

Although you can add a custom domain later,it allows you to create your blog with a subdomain of the platform, like newblog.blogspot.com.

How To Create A Blog For Free On Blogger?

Now let’s answer your question “how to create a blog for free on Blogger”,you now have enough knowledge on what’s a blog and what’s Google Blogger.

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1. Sign In With Your Google Account.

How to create a blog for free

To create a blog on Google Blogger you must have a Google account . As you know having a Google account is a must for signing in to Google services. You’ll sign in to your YouTube,Play Store all with a Google account, and so Blogger.

First of all,you should secure your Gmail account ,because when someone  accesses your Gmail account, they can easily access your blog.

  • To create the blog simply visit Blogger Website.
  • You’ll see a button named CREATE YOUR BLOG ,tap it .
  • You’ll be required to sign in with your Google account.

2. Choose The Name And URL Of Your Blog

How to create a blog for free

You should choose a name for the blog that’ll represent what the blog is about.

  • After you’ve signed in to Blogger with your Google account,you’ll be redirected to a suggested reading list on the platform, simply tap the Menu icon ☰ .
  • You’ll see an option named create blog,tap it.
  • Choose a name for your blog. You should consider using a unique name,and a name that represents what the blog is about. Tap Next.
  • You may find that the URL you want to use isn’t available, choose another variation of the URL.
  • Once you finished these steps successfully, you’ll be redirected to your blog’s posts draft.
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3. Features Of The Homepage

How to create a blog for free

It has these features :

  • Its posts editor is easy to use.You’ll have no problem writing or editing your blog posts.
  • You’ll see your blog’s traffic using the stats. So you can know how many people visit your blog,what they read,their location and so forth.
  • You’ll be able to add your pages easily.
  • It has a layout in the settings where you can easily configure what widgets appear on the blog and where they appear.
  • You can edit,backup or restore your theme. The theme is the XML file that contains the codes for your blog’s design and core settings.

You’ve created your blog successfully, you can now write posts that’ll get audience from all over the world.

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