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How to reduce data usage on android devices

You might be wondering why you are running out of data so fast. Imagine if you purchase 1GB data and it just finished within five minutes. In this post I will be showing you how to reduce excessive data usage on your android devices. When I was using one android phone which is Tecno spark 4. I recharged my mtn line with five hundred naira and I used it to subscribe for a data plan. When I turned on my mobile data for just 15 minutes, I got a message that I am out of data. 

I was surprised and very angry. I feel like break my phone that time but I start questioning myself, why did this data got exhausted so soon. I checked my data usage below and behold, almost 15 apps has the highest data consumption records. I feel like uninstall those app but since they are still useful, I decided to to fixed it. So I will be showing you exactly how I solved the excessive data consumption rate. So in order not to waste much time, let’s proceed.

How to reduce excessive data usage on android phone

  1. Restrict the background running apps 
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To reduce the excessive consumption of your phone data, you need to restrict the background running apps. The apps that are running in background do drink data like water without you noticing that it was the apps that are doing so. So, to restrict the apps, you need to follow these steps.

  1. Go to your device settings
  2. Click on mobile data
  3. Tap on data usage

After you have clicked data usage, you will see the list of apps that has the highest data consumption records. 

  1. Tap on the app that had the highest data consumption records
  2. Enable restrict app background data.

If you have done this and you got to know that your phone is still drinking data like water, then follow the second tips that I will be giving you to reduce the excessive data usage on your android phone.

  1. Download musics and videos to your phone

The reason I say you should download the musics and videos to your android phone is that, some people normally watch videos on YouTube and on Facebook, also they like playing musics on YouTube without having them on their device. To save your data, you need to download the videos and musics either from YouTube or any video or music downloading site to your phone and be watching it offline without turning on your mobile data. That will helps a lot in reducing the unwanted running down of your android phone battery.

  1. Reduce the amount of photos or videos you do upload on to the internet
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If you are a type that has an active Facebook page or YouTube channel that you normally upload videos on your channel or page. If possible, when you would like to upload videos to your YouTube channel, just buy a social bundle data plan

That will be more important and save more money than the normal data subscription.

  1. Minimize the amount of time you spend online

If you normally spend up to 15-20hours online per day, I will advise you to divide the time into two to save your phone battery. I know it is hard to do that but it helps a lot in making your phones data to last longer. It also saves money. Also if you are currently working on your YouTube channel, you need to close your Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and twitter app and focus on your YouTube channel. After you are done with YouTube channel, close the YouTube app and open the Facebook app and start working on Facebook. Close any online app if you are not using it at the moment. 

  1. Have access to public WiFi 
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If public WiFi is available in your location, then why still stressing yourself to use mobile data. If you are in a developed country that has a free wifi, then avoid using your mobile data. Just turn on your wifi and connect it. It helps you to reduce your data usage.

In conclusion

If you are done with the steps I gave to you in this post, I strongly believe that it will helps you to save your data. If you download music, videos to your phone, you can use them offline without wasting your data. The only time you want spend data is during the downloading process.

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