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How To Upload A Video To Google Drive (5 Steps)

Do you want to know how to upload a  video to Google Drive ? This article explains how to upload a video to Google Drive in great detail.

You can upload a video to your Google Drive if you have enough space on the Drive,if you don’t have enough space on your google Drive, you’ll have to buy extra space to successfully upload your video.

Google Drive

Before we start discussion about how to upload a video to Google Drive, let’s start with knowing what’s Google Drive.

Google Drive is one of the best services provided by Google. Google Drive allows those with Google accounts to upload ,store and share documents, videos,pictures, spreadsheets and other multimedia files. Its being free is another advantage of the service.

With Google Drive all your documents and files are secured in the cloud storage of your Drive. Furthermore, all the files you uploaded to your Google Drive are always available ,that’s to say you can access your uploaded files from anywhere by just logging in to your Google account , so you can download or share them.

Note : Your Google Drive is secure only if your Google account or Gmail account is secure,whoever accessed your Google account, they can easily access your Google Drive. Read our guide on how to secure your Google or Gmail account here.  

If that’s the case ,we’d agree that Google Drive helps us a lot, even when you lost your device you can easily backup your stored files on the Drive.

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How To Upload A Video To Google Drive.

Now let’s start the business of the day, that’s answering your question ” how to upload a video to Google Drive “.

To upload a video to Google Drive simply follow these steps .

1. Open the Google Drive App In Your Phone.

Most times Google Drive app comes preintsalled on Android devices. So you already have it on your phone. Just tap the app icon in your apps menu.

2. Choose The Google Account On Which You’ll Upload The Video.

How to upload a video to Google Drive

When you opened the app (that is Google Drive) ,you’ll see a minute round icon that displays your Google account’s profile picture at the top right corner,tap it to choose which Google account you’ll use .

3. Tap The Plus Icon To Upload Your Video To Google Drive.

How to upload a video to Google Drive

Tap the plus icon ( + ) to upload the video you want to upload to your Google Drive. Not only video , any file in any format can be uploaded to Google Drive using this method.

4. Choose The Type Of Upload You Want

How to upload a video to Google Drive

When you tapped the plus icon ( + ) , you’ll be presented to different types of uploads viz. Folder, Upload, Scan, Google Docs , Google Sheets and Google Slides ,simply tap Upload .

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5. You’ll Now Be Redirected To Your Files Manager To Choose The Type Of File (Video).

How to upload a video to Google Drive

Now choose the type of file you want to upload to your Google Drive, and that’s a video file as stated earlier,when you tap the file it’ll automatically start uploading your video to your Google Drive .

How to upload a video to Google Drive

How Long Does Google Drive Take To Process A Video ?

Now that you’ve learnt how to upload a video to Google Drive, it’ll be pertinent to learn how long does it take before Google Drive process your video and upload it successfully.

This depends on two main factors :

1. The device internet speed .

2. The size of the video.

Let’s discuss how to deal with these factors that may prevent your video from being uploaded within the time you want or expect.

1. The Device Internet Speed

How do I increase my device internet speed ? This is one of the most asked questions online,you can increase your device internet speed,really.

The speed of your internet connection usually has to do with the type of :

Device you use – some devices have faster internet speed than others.

The type of network you use .

Note : The browser you use also plays an important role in your internet speed when browsing, but that’s not relevant because we’re now talking about Google Drive.

Nevertheless, you can increase your internet speed using these methods:

  • Choose 4G as your preferred network servicemen. To do so ,go to Settings > Cellular data > Preferred Network Type > 4G . What to do if 4G isn’t available? Use 3G instead.
  • Consider deleting your cache and uninstalling useless apps .
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2. The Size Of The Video

The size of the video also plays an important role in delaying your upload process. To troubleshoot this issue you’d have to use a video compressor to compress the video file,so the size becomes smaller .

One of the best video compressing apps for your Android or iOS device is ” Video Compress ” ,you can download it from the Google Play Store or App Store. Tap this link to download the App .

After you’ve downloaded the Video Compress app,follow these steps to compress the video :

  • Open the Video Compress App.
  • Allow it to access your files.
  • Choose the video you want to compress.
  • Compress it and upload it to your Google Drive.

We hope you’ve learnt how to upload a video to Google Drive in this article and how to compress the video to make the uploading process faster.

If any of your friends has problem uploading their video to Google Drive,or asks you how to upload a video to Google Drive? Regale them with this article.

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