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Learn What’s Facebook Protect In 4 Steps.

Facebook Protect is a security feature added to the Facebook security settings in 2022.Though Facebook didn’t let users turn on this feature themselves,it allows only some users to use Facebook Protect security feature.

This article doesn’t explain only what’s Facebook Protect, but also all the related information about the feature are explained in detail.

What’s Facebook Protect And How It Works.

Who Can Use Facebook Protect?

Is Facebook Protect Necessary?

How Do I Turn On Facebook Protect ?

Let’s go .


1. What’s Facebook Protect And How It Works.


What’s Facebook Protect? It is a new Facebook security feature which plays an important role in helping the ‘ eligible user ‘ protect their account by walking them through some security settings like updating their password to a more strong one, compelling them to use 2FA and so forth.

What’s Facebook Protect is a question that many Facebook users ask daily. This is why Guidethenation decides to tell you all you need to know about the new security feature.

You may ask ,why I said ‘ the eligible user above ‘ ,you can learn more about who can use Facebook Protect later in the article.
Facebook one of the most powerful social networking sites,rather,the most popular free social networking service that has over 3 billion Monthly Active Users – MAUs, always improve its security to protects users privacy and improve the platform’s security . You read how many people use Facebook in a month right ? Facebook always want to protect these users to make Facebook a safer social platform.

Facebook believes it’s their duty to protect their users data,private chats,and accounts info by helping them secure their accounts either through suggestions or compulsions. I mean Facebook may suggest a user to change their password because they noticed a suspicious activity or login attempt for example, or force a user to use a certain security feature because they believe that user is a public figure or an important personality on Facebook.

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Facebook’s reason for forcing you to use a security feature to secure your account is genuinene,isn’t it? When someone takes over your account you’ve not only lost access to the account, you’ll also put the pages and groups you manage at risk of being taken over as well.
When a cyber attacker accessed your Facebook account as a Facebook page admin ,they may go to your page(s) settings and remove all the other admins,post inappropriate content on the page,post spam or even delete the page! These people are mischievous,aren’t they ? Learn more about Facebook Security Settings here and Facebook best practices here .


2. Who Can Use Facebook Protect?


After you’ve learned what’s Facebook Protect, now let’s move to who can use Facebook Protect. Facebook added Facebook Protect feature to improve the platforms security, specially for public figures,admins,and social media influencers.So the answer to your question why I said only eligible users can use Facebook Protect is this.Only those Facebook profiles that Facebook algorithm know they’re influential or important can use Facebook Protect.
It was primarily a feature created mainly for politicians and significant profiles to secure their accounts.

Facebook said they’re increasingly allowing more users to use the feature,so now even those who manage Facebook pages and groups and website owners can use the feature to protect their account, and get free security alerts and suggestions.

To become eligible for using Facebook Protect you’d have to at least manage 2 to more pages or groups.


3. Is Facebook Protect Necessary?


Yeah,it is, to answer you in a straightforward way.It’s compulsory for only eligible users though. Facebook and all other online services detect that users underuse the 2FA security setting ,they simply don’t understand how significant is that security feature (2FA).
Facebook Protect is an algorithm similar to Google Security Checkup, the main differences between these two are :

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Google Security Checkup is not compulsory while Facebook Protect is compulsory.

Facebook Protect is for only selected profiles, while Google Security Checkup is for all those who have Gmail accounts.

Facebook Protect is necessary because Facebook detects turning on 2FA as a security setting became underused by important profiles.Though 2FA is one of the most significant ways you to secure your online account,people do take it for granted.

Facebook decides to turn on Facebook Protect to ‘ force ‘ the eligible Facebook users to secure their accounts by turning on 2FA on their Facebook accounts.If you already have a strong password, then Facebook jumps to asking you to turn on 2FA.

You can use different methods of 2FA for your Facebook Protect including:

2FA using your phone number.(if you choose this method make sure you secured your device by reading this)
2FA using A 2FA app.
2FA using a physical device like USB.
2FA using automatically generated codes by Facebook.


4. How To Turn On Facebook Protect?


This is a little bit difficult if you’re not an eligible user for Facebook Protect security feature, only those who are eligible for the feature can follow the steps to turn it on.
If you’re not an eligible user there’s no way you can turn on Facebook Protect, you can neither find it in your Settings nor ask Facebook to turn it on for you.

To turn on Facebook Protect follow the following steps – although when Facebook asks you to turn on the feature, you can follow the onscreen instructions to turn it on and learn more about it,but these will help you :

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1. When you’re an eligible user to use Facebook Protect, you’ll see a notification with a message like ‘ Your Account Is Locked ,Turn on Facebook Protect to unlock your account.Similar to this

What's Facebook Protect And How It Works

2. Simply look for the ‘ Turn On Facebook Protect ‘ button.

Pro tips

If you can’t find the button,perhaps your browser or the mobile app you use is not supported to display the button.Do any of these to troubleshoot it.
– Update the app .
– Use original version not Facebook lite.
– If you still can’t find the button,use chrome browser, preferably the desktop version.

3. Facebook first asks you to update your password to a more strong one if the AI detects you use a weak password or your password is stolen.
4. It then asks you to use 2FA ,choose the best authentication method that suits you and follow the onscreen instructions to complete your Facebook Protect settings.

You’ve successfully turned on your Facebook Protect, you can later access your Facebook Protect by following these steps:
Go to settings.
Tap Password and Security
You’ll see it on the top of the page,tap Facebook Protect to access it.

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