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Learn What’s Two Factor Authentication In 4 Steps.

What’s Two Factor Authentication ? Two Factor Authentication also known as 2FA is a security setting that adds an additional layer of security besides your login credentials. When 2FA is turned on ,your login credentials wouldn’t suffice when signing in to an online account,you’d have to provide an additional verification code for more security and to keep the bad actors out.

What’s Two Factor Authentication – 2FA?

How Does 2FA Work ?

How Reliable Is 2FA?

Different Methods Of 2FA.


1. What’s Two Factor Authentication?

First step to learning what’s two factor authentication (2FA)

What's Two Factor Authentication and How It works - Gmail 2FA

Two factor authentication is a security setting that adds an additional layer of security besides your login credentials – contact and password. It’s a rigorous process that may even render the very account’s owner locked out of their very own account if they fail to provide the exact authentication codes.
It’s one of the best security methods that you can use to secure your accounts.Unfortunately people underuse this feature, is it because they don’t know how important is securing their accounts or they don’t know how to secure their accounts with 2FA? Either way it’s important, and that’s why Facebook created Facebook Protect algorithm to help users with important profiles on the platform by walking them through security settings, among which is enabling 2FA.You can learn more about Facebook Protect here.

Cyber attackers are those bad guys in the cyber security industry,who use their security skills to harm websites and take over people’s accounts. This is why Guidethenation decides to inform you about what’s Two Factor Authentication and its significance as an inevitable security setting in your online accounts.

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2. How Two Factor Authentication Works?

Second step to learning what’s two factor authentication.

When we sign in to an online service or a platform like Facebook ,Gmail, WhatsApp or other social networking sites, we are required to provide our login credentials, our contact – be it an email or a phone number, and our password. This makes it a little bit easier for cyber attackers to easily take over an account without much difficulties when they have access to the login credentials, that’s to say your contact and password.They’ve many ways to crack someone’s password either by asking them to enter it in to a fake website, or by using spyware to read their passwords from their devices.

They’ve been using these methods to easily take over an account before the implementation of two factor authentication.

With 2FA no bad actor can easily have unauthorized access to your online accounts, unless if your authentication method is vulnerable.


3. How Reliable Is Two Factor Authentication?

Third step to learning what’s two factor authentication.

Two factor authentication is the most reliable security setting, but it becomes no longer reliable when the authentication method you choose is vulnerable.

Whatever method you choose make sure it’s not vulnerable, so you don’t render your 2FA useless.


4. Different Methods Of 2FA .

Fourth step to learning what’s two factor authentication

2FA can be turned on using different methods. Below is a list of the different methods you can use to turn on two factor authentication on your online accounts.

1. Using Your Phone Number
One of the most popular methods of 2FA is by using your phone number to receive codes. This is a powerful method and a secure one as long as your device remains secure from malware and spyware.
When you use your phone number to receive verification or authentication codes, and your phone is vulnerable to being attacked by bad actors, your 2FA won’t work anymore. 2FA is supposed to protect your online accounts, but when a bad actor can read your text messages (including your authentication codes) ,this will render the 2FA useless. Learn more about securing your device and preventing malware here.
Platforms that allow you to use phone number for 2FA include :
Gmail etc.

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2. Using Your Email Address
You can also use your email address (preferably your Gmail account not other email addresses, because it’s more secure) to receive verification codes on certain platforms. Some of the most popular gaming websites allow you to use your email address.

Pro Tip:
Make sure you secure your Gmail account or any other mailing service you choose.Learn more about securing your Gmail account here.

3. Using Recovery Codes
Recovery codes are generated codes that you can use as a 2FA method. You can generate new codes, delete existing ones and download or print your codes.

Pro Tips

If you choose to download your recovery codes,keep them secure and accessible in your device.
You choose to print them ? Make sure you keep your codes in a safe and accessible place so you can keep them secure physically and prevent being locked out of your online account.

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Platforms That Allow This Method:
– Facebook
– Gmail etc

4. Using Authentication Apps

Authentication apps are those apps that act as another 2FA method by providing additional one-time passwords to use as your authentication codes. This is also a good authentication method,but before you start using them have these in mind :
– Authentication apps mostly don’t allow screenshots,so don’t screenshot the one time password.

– Know which authentication apps are the best before you install them on your Android phone.Go for :

– Those apps that allow backup not that without a backup method.
-Authentication apps from the Google play store so you don’t mistakenly install a malicious app in an effort to make your online accounts more secure.

You can use authentication apps on any of these platforms:
– Facebook.
– Gmail.
5. By Using A Security Key .
You can use a physical security key like your USB, charger or headphone for your 2FA.This is less secure than the rest, because whoever gets the security key gets access to your online account.

Platforms That Allow This Method:
Gmail etc.

6. Using An Additional 6 Digit Password.
This is a method that’s only available on WhatsApp.To turn on this method follow these steps:

Tap three dots at the too right corner of your WhatsApp homepage.
Tap Settings option.
Tap Account.
Tap two step verification.
You can enable it,choose your 6 digit PIN and also add a recovery email address so whenever you forget your PIN you can reset it through the provided email address.

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