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Simple Steps To Unlock Your Locked Facebook Account.

When Facebook Locked your account,you’ll be locked out of the account entirely ,so no one can see the account except you,and you can’t use your account unless you take these steps to unlock the account.

Before we start mentioning the steps you should follow to unlock your account,it will be of great importance to learn why Facebook locked your account and how to prevent being locked in the future.


Why Facebook Locked My Account?


Below are some reasons why Facebook locks accounts ,learn them so yours don’t get locked.There are two major reasons. We’ll talk about how to unlock your locked Facebook account later,let’s start with this.

1. Suspicious Login Attempt :This is one of the major reasons why Facebook locks accounts these days – a suspicious login attempt. This happens when Facebook detects that your account might be accessed by someone else , say a bad actor , so Facebook locks the account to prevent any misuse of your account or of your Identity. This may happen because :
You used a phone you don’t regularly use and typed wrong passwords too many times ,so Facebook locked the account .
You logged in in a location you don’t regularly log in ,or have never logged in before.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that your account is being accessed by someone else as you can see,even you,the very owner of the account may be locked out of the account by Facebook,thinking it’s an unauthorized access.

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2. Suspicious Activity : This is similar to the above reason ,but it’s different from it in the sense that,this is a suspicious activity within the account.Like inviting people to a certain page or group in a way that Facebook finds spammy. This may happen even when you’re using the account, you’ll automatically be locked out and asked to verify that you’re the team owner of the account.

Now that you read the main reasons why Facebook locks accounts are suspicious login attempts and suspicious activities,you should read this guide to learn how to secure your Facebook account.

Now let’s move to the simple steps to unlock your locked Facebook account.


1. Use Your Phone Number To Verify Ownership Of The Account.

When signing in to your Facebook, you’ll see a message that tells you your Facebook account is locked ,you’ve to verify that you’re the real owner of the account. Simply follow the onscreen instructions to unlock your account by receiving a verification code from Facebook.

This is the first step to unlock your locked Facebook account,and it’s the simplest step. But unfortunately if you overused it or can’t receive your verification codes, you’ll be asked to proceed to a more rigorous confirmation method,that’s by uploading your ID.
Some tips that’ll prevent you from overusing the phone number verification method :

Don’t enter wrong codes, enter the excat codes sent to your phone number,don’t rush.

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Don’t request for a new code except if you didn’t receive your code after a day .

If you’ve overused it,then let’s have a look at the rigorous confirmation method by uploading your ID.

2. Unlock Your Locked Facebook Account  By Uploading ID


This is the rigorous confirmation method to unlock your locked Facebook account, it has some sub-steps. Let’s have a look at each one of them.

Pro tip 

We recommend that you use chrome browser when unlocking your locked Facebook account,because it has the best features for performing such rigorous tasks . Its desktop view is what makes it a different browser from the rest.

1. When you can’t use your phone number to unlock your Facebook account, you’ll see another option that asks you to confirm this is you account. Tap next button.

2. A new page asks you to confirm your identity , tap next.

3. A new page asks you to add an email address and upload your ID.

4. You’re now asked to add an email address through which Facebook will send you updates about your unlocking process. Add the email address you use regularly. You’ll be asked to type the email address twice to confirm it.

5. Now you’ll be asked to upload an ID. This is the most difficult step. If you upload your ID correctly Facebook will unlock your account.

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Some tips that will help you when uploading your ID so you don’t make another suspicious mistake that may render your Facebook account suspended entirely.

  • Make sure the ID you will upload is one of the IDs allowed by Facebook. Facebook allows you to use two types of IDs to unlock your account. Those two types are : Government-issued IDs and non government-issued IDs. Government-issued IDs include your National Identity Card for example ,non government-issued IDs include your academic credentials for example.
  • Make sure the ID is not a fake ID. Facebook considers digital or modified IDs fake , beware.
  • Take the picture of the ID in a well lit area and make sure all the four corners of the ID are within the picture.
  • Make sure the name on the ID matches the name on your account . Read our guide on Facebook best practices here to learn why you should use your official name on Facebook.
  • Make sure also the date of birth is the same as it’s in your Facebook account’s info.

If you followed these steps carefully, Facebook will send an email to the email address you used when unlocking the account. It usually take 24 hours before Facebook respond to your request, but it may take longer period, just wait .

Have you any questions or you can unlock your locked Facebook account ? Let’s know in the  comments section.

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