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Lumeer Academy Free Course Coupon

Increase your work productivity and save precious time by becoming a Lumeer expert.

Lumeer is an open-source project management tool started in 2017. The goal of Lumeer is to provide a flexible tool for storing, planning, and tracking any information the users might have. The flexibility of Lumeer manifests in many use cases ranging from project tracking, managing product launches to tracking yoga sessions.

In this course, you’ll learn all key principles and features of Lumeer to start building your custom projects, workflows, or whole information systems.

The first section of the course serves as introduction to the Lumeer platform. Students are introduced to the core principles and structure of Lumeer. There are 4 lessons in this section.

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The basics section contains 16 lesson covering the most important features of Lumeer such as tables, tasks, and links. Students also learn user rights management, how to search and filter their data, how to set attribute types. The last part of the section examines all available attribute types in Lumeer in 10 separate lessons.

Next, the Views section provides an overview of all the available visualizations Lumeer offers. There are 9 lessons. Each lesson focuses on a different Lumeer view, and one of the lessons describes the creation of customized views.

The fourth section focuses on automation tools that save you your precious time by automating mundane routines.

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At the end there is a practice that will lead you through a creation of a custom project where you’ll apply all the new skills. A homework assignment follows which you should be able to complete on your own. Of course there is a sample solution.

Next, try to slowly start onboarding your team agendas, one by one. You can always expand, and modify everything.

Let’s remove spreadsheets from business management once forever. Enough of this sheet! ?

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to make their work processes more efficient.

What you’ll learn

  • Basic concepts of Lumeer, how data are structured, and what it can do for you.
  • Use various data types and their configuration options.
  • View your data in any of the provided view types like timelines, calendar, map, pivot table, chart, etc.
  • Use automation to work for you even when you are asleep.


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