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How To Secure Facebook Account In 3 Steps

Are you looking for how to secure Facebook account or how make your Facebook login credentials more secure,turn on 2FA,and learn how to logout remotely?Then you’re in the right place.

Facebook one of Meta’s platforms, has more than 3 billion MAUs (Monthly Active Users),and every user has their own reason of using Facebook. Some are on Facebook to have fun and entertain themselves, some are there for business, some for learning skills on the platform,and so forth.So you’ll need to secure your Facebook account so you don’t become locked out of your very Facebook account.
Facebook asks for your login credentials when signing in,that’s to say your primary contact – be it your phone number or email address, and your password. If any of these credentials is vulnerable , it’ll render your Facebook account insecure.
When someone gets your login credentials, they can easily get access in to your Facebook account, so this article will teach you how to add other layers of security. Like 2 Factor Authentication ,2FA and many other security settings.This will be discussed in details later in the article.

Myths On Securing Facebook Accounts

There are some cyber security myths that may prevent you from learning how to secure your Facebook account,these are the most popular ones.

1. Only Celebrities Or Public Figures Are Targeted

Some people believe only celebrities are targeted,so it’d be unnecessary for you to secure your Facebook account because you’re ‘ not a celebrity’ .This is a myth,I can tell you hundreds if not thousands of my friends’ Facebook accounts that have been taken over by bad guys, and none of them is a celebrity. They don’t even have up to a thousand followers on the platform.

2. No Matter How Much You Secure It,It’s Still Vulnerable.

This is another myth,I can proudly tell you that, my Facebook account has never been taken over ,not even once. If you’ve carefully finished every step for securing your Facebook account, I guarantee you no one can take over it. If anyone’s to take over your account after securing it,then it’ll either be you didn’t secure it properly or your primary contact is vulnerable (like you didn’t secure your gmail account).

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3. Securing Your Facebook Account Is Not Necessary Or Important

This is another myth,securing your Facebook account is important, very important as using Facebook by creating an account on it. If you think securing your Facebook account is unimportant, then you don’t have to use Facebook at all.

Facebook said that,users have to secure their accounts so no one gets access to the account illegitimately, because their accounts ‘ represent them on Facebook ‘, mark this.

Why You Should Secure Your Facebook Account.

These bad guys that take over people’s Facebook accounts use them for many reasons, among which is to use the victim’s identity. When signing up for Facebook users are required to use their name and upload their picture so those who know them can find them. It’s undoubtedly a fact that most of users’ Facebook friends are those people they know, Facebook recommends this,you should only add people you know personally. So you now believe Facebook when it said your Facebook account is your online identity.
So when someone takes over the account they usually do one of these three things :
– Some of them immediately change the username and profile picture, these are less problematic, they no longer use your identity, they only took over the account. And they have stolen your friends, literally.
– While some of them don’t change the victim’s username and profile picture,they keep using the account with the users identity, but unfortunately sometimes with a language different from the victim’s language, so they can easily be recognized and reported to Facebook.
– The most dangerous are those who don’t change the username and profile picture even after taking over the account, they continue using users identity. And sometimes they even speak the same language as the victim,so they can’t be recognized easily.
So if you don’t secure your account you’re not only making your account vulnerable, but also your Facebook friends are at risk of being scammed.

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Facebook Security Settings And Updates

There are many layers of security you can add besides an ordinary password. Facebook in these months updated it’s security and privacy protection methods to the highest level,sometimes even the owner of the account themselves get locked out of the account because they fail to confirm their ownership of the account. Facebook protect is another security feature,we’ll discuss about it in details in a different article.

1. Secure Facebook Login Credentials

How To secure your Facebook account by securing Login Credentials
1.Login Credentials

Your login credentials are the two things you provide when signing or logging in to Facebook. If your login credentials are vulnerable, your account is vulnerable as well. In the same way. if your login credentials are secure your account is secure as well .
If you’re using a phone number not an email address, then it’ll be less vulnerable,your phone number is much more secure than your email address.
Rather,if your mobile phone is vulnerable,then your phone number is vulnerable too.
If you’re using an email address, make sure you take the security measures on how to secure your gmail account.Learn more about securing your Gmail account here .
If your password is weak or guessable,then your account is vulnerable.
Create a strong password with these in mind.
It shouldn’t be a guessable one,so don’t use your phone number or name as your password.
It should be unique. That’s to say,you should use a password you never used before.
It should contain some letters,some numbers and symbols .
An example of a strong password is Guidethehenationblog2022;;? too long ? Okay ,you can shorten it.Make sure it’s strong and easy to remember.
To change your password if it’s weak follow these steps :
Go to Menu by tapping this icon .
Go to Settings
Tap Password And Security
Tap Change Password option
You’ll be asked to provide your old password,follow the onscreen instructions to change your password.

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2. Logout Remotely

How To logout remotely to secure your Facebook account
2.Logout Remotely

This is important specially when you detect an usual activity on your account, it seems that someone else access your Facebook account without your knowledge. Or you log in to your Facebook account on a public device and forgot to logout,you can log out remotely.
To logout remotely
Go to Settings.
Tap Security or Password and Security
You’ll see an option ‘Where You’re logged in‘ Tap the ‘see more‘ button.
A list of devices and locations appear.
If you notice any suspicious device or location , tap ‘ Log Out Of All Sessions‘ button.This logs you out of any other device except the one you use at that very moment.

3. Turn On Two Factor Authentication Or 2FA

Turn On 2FA
3.Turn On 2FA

Two factor authentication is a security setting that adds another layer of security to your Facebook account, so you secure your Facebook account more rigorously.
When 2FA is turned on ,after you’ve provided your login credentials, you’ll be asked a recovery or authentication code .So this ensures only you get access to your account.
To turn on 2FA
Go to Settings
Tap Password and Security
Scroll down to Use Two Factor Authentication option.
Tap the option.
You’ll be asked to reenter your password, enter your exact password.
Tap Continue button .
You’ll see many recovery methods, but the best ones are these two.
By Using your phone number
Or Using generated recovery codes
Follow the onscreen instructions to turn on 2FA for your Facebook account,have you any questions? Or any problems concerning securing your Facebook account ?Ask in the comments section.

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