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Spending Too much time on phone effects

Millions of people spent a lot of time using thier smartphone. That has a negative impacts on your health. There are a lot of online business which is being carried out with smartphones or computers, some people spent 15 to 20 hours on thier smartphone and it is not good for our health. In this article we will be looking at some of the effects of spending too much time on a smartphone. Let’s get started.

Why do people spend more times on a phone 

People spend much time on their smartphone for a various reasons. Let look at some of the reasons why they spend time using their smartphones.

  1. Communication: There are various means of communication on a smartphone. People spend time on social media like Facebook Whatsapp Instagram twitter Snapchat and so on chatting with their friends and love ones using thier phone. They spend time in typing and sending of messages to their friends on social media.
  2. Working online: As I earlier stated, there are millions of works available on the internet. Some use their smartphone to carry out the works while others uses their computers. Some of the works that are being done online include: blogging, YouTubing, content writing, crypto currency mining, affiliate marketing and so on. They are too many but I just choose to mention few out of them. You won’t be able to carry out this works successfull if you spend less time on your smartphone, you have to spend up to 15 or 20 hours daily in doing those works.
  3. Reading news: Most people spend time reading news than even watching of movies. So, reading of news is one of the things that makes people to spend too much time using their smartphones and computers. 
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Effects of spending much time on your smartphone

  1. Eye strain: spending much time starring at the screen of your phone or computer can lead to eye strain. As a mobile phone user, you need to at least blink up to 8 times in a minute. If you are at type that do Starr at a screen for up to 20 minutes without blinking, it might leads to blurry vision. 
  2. Addiction: Excessive use if a smartphone might make you to become addicted to it. I remember one of my friend that her mother took her to a church and ask the  pastor to pray for Him, the mother said that her son became addicted to the use of smartphone an computer, she also added that it is the hand work of the devil. What am trying to say in this aspect is that, when you spend much time using to your smartphone, you won’t be able to give attention to anything around you. So, that leads to psychological issues.
  3. Neck pain: Excessive use of phone leads to neck pain, as you are operating a phone, you will be looking downward without lifting up your neck for a long period of time, that will leads to neck pain. So to get rid of this neck pain, always have enough time to rest. 
  4. Wrist pain: If you hold a smartphone on your hand for a very long period of time, you will experience wrist pain. Wrist pain is another side effect of using a smartphone either android or iphone for a very long period of time either in the day time or in the night.
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In conclusion 

I know, spending a lot of time using a smartphone is good because it put money in your pocket. It also helps to put food on the table, but the problem is that, it has a side effects, you can minimize the amount of time you do spend with your I to live a healthy life.

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