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How To Prevent Being Suspended By Twitter

Have you been suspended by Twitter or not? Learn some tips on how to secure your Twitter account and how to prevent being suspended by Twitter in this article.

Twitter is a giant company in the Tech industry,it’s among the top 3 most popular social networking sites with almost 238 million monetizable Daily Active Users, also known as mDAU. Twitter said it’s trying to moderate the public conversation and create a safe environment for everyone on Twitter.That’s why it suspends accounts that’ll go against Twitter’s main aim.

Twitter as one of the major social networking micro blogging sites uses many methods to detect bot accounts, spam,suspicious logins, suspicious activities and those users who don’t follow or act according to Twitter rules.Twitter doesn’t suspend users who follow their rules.

This guide will be in two steps:

1. Why Twitter Suspends Accounts?

2. How To Prevent Being Suspended By Twitter ?

Let’s go.


1. Why Twitter Suspends Accounts?


Twitter suspends users accounts for so many different reasons, which include :

Suspicious Activity

This happens when Twitter detects a suspicious activity on your account ,so the technology thinks your Twitter account might be accessed by someone without your knowledge.So Twitter temporarily suspend the account to help you secure your account by providing additional info to verify ownership.

You’re A Bot – Twitter

Bots are computer programs used for spreading spam and harming the targeted website,this is why all the giant websites and platforms do have their methods of verifying whether a user is human or a bot.
Bots put both the company and users at risk of being compromised by malware,that’s why they try as much as possible to counteract not accounts.

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When Twitter algorithm detects an unusual activity on your account and therefore marks your account a bot or spam account,you’ll get suspended. This is one of the main reasons for Twitter’s suspending of accounts these days,you know they’re being charged by Elon Musk – the billionaire who terminated the deal of buying the platform for hiding the exact number of bot or spam accounts, in the Delaware court of Chancery with being not transparent about number of bot accounts when signing the deal.

Twitter as of July said it suspends almost a million bot and spam accounts everyday,that’s enormous amount,right? But if you’ve been suspended by mistake you can follow Twitter instructions to verify you’re human not a bot through a simple ‘ I’m not a robot ‘ test ,similar to Google’s reCAPTCHA.

Not only Twitter, every giant website you know don’t like bots to get any access to the website.This is being done to prevent misuse, protect the users and prevent them from spam.

Google had CAPTCHA and now updated it to reCAPTCHA. Google reCAPTCHA is a simple ‘ I’m not a robot ‘ test for human beings. Human beings can easily take the test and answer the questions excellently .You’re only asked whether some images contain certain objects or not.Or you’re asked to listen to a voce message and write the code it tells ,or some other simple tasks that humans can easily do without error. But when a bot meets reCAPTCHA, they couldn’t even understand what’s it,let alone to answer the questions correctly.

Google I'm not a robot test ,reCAPTCHA

Facebook also has its own simple and rigorous methods of identifying bot accounts, from receiving a code on your phone number to uploading an ID with your name and date of birth.Learn more about Facebook best practices here .

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A Suspicious Login Attempt

When Twitter detects a suspicious login attempt  it may temporarily suspend the account and help the user recover and secure their accounts.
If you don’t secure your Twitter account,this may render your account a suspended account.
We’ll talk about how to secure your Twitter accounts later in the article.

Your Tweets Go Against Twitter Rules

This is also one of the major reasons why Twitter suspends your account,when you don’t follow Twitter’s rules .
We’ll learn more about Twitter rules in the next parts of the article.
Twitter is a transparent company, they tell their users what is allowed on the platform and what’s not.A user may go against Twitter rules on:

Spam: A fake account that’ll put Twitter users at risk of being harmed.Or an account created to impersonate someone .

Unwelcome Behaviour : This includes impersonating someone, threatening someone,duplicating a content too much and so forth.


2. How To Prevent Being Suspended By Twitter ?

Secure Account

To prevent being suspended you’ll have to first secure your Twitter account.Because any suspicious login attempt may render your account a suspended account as explained earlier.

To secure your Twitter account,follow these steps.


If your password is weak,change it to a strong password that contains letters, numbers and symbols. Like Twitteuser2022&&, this is just an example.
To change your password :
Go to your Twitter Menu
Tap Settings and Privacy
Tap Your Account option
Tap Change Password option.
Follow the onscreen instructions to change your password on Twitter.

Gmail Account

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Also if you used your Google account when signing up for Twitter,read this to learn more about securing your Gmail account.

Turn On 2FA

2FA (two factor authentication) or two step verification is one of the best security methods you can use. Whenever you wanna sign in to your Twitter account, after providing your Login Credentials you’ll be asked to provide a code from your phone number.

To turn on two factor authentication on your Twitter account follow these steps:

Go to Settings and Privacy
Tap Security and Account Access option.
Tap Security
Tap Two Factor Authentication option
Follow the onscreen instructions to turn on two factor authentication on your Twitter account.

Follow Twitter Rules

1. Don’t create a fake or spam account.
2. Don’t create an account to impersonate someone.
3. Don’t use automatic methods to follow or unfollow accounts on the platform.
4. Don’t follow and unfollow accounts immediately, if you do this trying to get more followers,you may become suspended by Twitter.
5. Don’t use your tweets or replies to threaten anyone.
6. Don’t post something that may make someone feel underrated or attacked.
7. Don’t post anything in your tweets or replies that portrays self harm.
8. Don’t use abusive language when tweeting or replying to a tweet.
9. Don’t send duplicated tweets or replies too much because Twitter considers such tweets as Spam.
10. Don’t use your tweets to spread hatred against any person or a community.
11. Don’t participate in a Twitter Trend and post unrelated tweets just to get attention worldwide.
That’s all for now ,have you any questions? Ask in the comments section.

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